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|04.08.2005| Our flash cartoon animation got award in Portugal festival

Our flash advertising works got a Multimedia Prize of the AVANCA 2005 Festival (Portugal).

  |05.07.2005| We got Best Designer prize

Our flash animation design got a second place of "Best designer" nomination in "EGGSposition design action".

|15.06.2005| Our flash cartoons animation got new prizes.

Flash cartoons, created by TOONDRA, got an awards on the "Russia as seen by young people" Festival.

  |23.05.2005| Fesival of Social Graphic, Animation and Ideas

TOONDRA studio is infromation partner of the of Open Ukraine Fesival of Social Graphic, Animation and Ideas.

|18.03.2005| Multimatograf festival. Our flash cartoon got the 1-st prize!

Festival of noncomercial animation art Multimatograf now is finished. TOONDRA animation studio have a first award - best flash animation music video!

  |14.02.2005| Anifest has selected our flsh cartoon

International festival of animated films Anifest have selected our flsh cartoon, created for Lenigrad in the nomination best music video.

|06.12.2004| Our flash cartoon is leader now

We received more when 1200 respect messages about our work (Leningrad music video) from the biggest animation portal

  |01.11.2004| Interview for Red journal

Interview for Red journal with Alexander Timofeev (the art-director of TOONDRA studio and animation creator) now available for reading in november journal publication.

|23.08.2004| Flash cartoon production. Skafandr music video

"Chaos Costructions" flash animation festival is over. The winner in animation category is Alexander "Satim" Timofeev from "TOONDRA" studio. Work: "Skafandr".

  |07.05.2004| Leningrad flash cartoon animation is finished

Flash animation music video for "Leningrad" (popular russian music band) is complete.

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