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|20.12.2008| 2 new flash animation films creation

2 new animation works has uploaded to our portfolio section.

  |28.11.2008| 2d animation in motion graphics technique production

New 2d animation reel in motion graphics technique was added to portfolio section

|28.10.2008| Corporative flash cartoon for Croc company

Corporative flash cartoon creation for director of Croc company now completed.

  |25.10.2008| Stu - Megablast / Experimental concept art flash animation

New animation work - Stu experimental animated music video for musicin from Switzerland

|07.09.2008| New publication in Pixel Arts magazine about TOONDRA animation studio short films

In 4 issue of the Pixel Arts magazine located publication about TOONDRA animation studio (pages 180-195) .

  |05.09.2008| TOONDRA studio - 3 awards from Australia as best flash cartoons animation

We got 3 animation awards from Australian festival as best flash cartoons animation.

|13.02.2008| Corporative flash cartoon for Corbina Telecom company

Corporative flash animation film production for Corbina Telecom now completely finished.

  |01.01.2008| Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

|20.11.2007| We got new prizes from Agent Smith (Matrix film)

Simon Weaving - the actor and judge of FNI(A) Awards Festival Australia. You know Simon Weaving from Matrix film (in film he was Agent Smith). In this Festival we got 2 awards from him: "The best from animation" - Skafandr music video and "The rising star

  |26.10.2007| We got license soft from Adobe for flash animation creation

Our animation studio got prize license soft from Adobe (animation sposor) of american animation festival

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