Toondra design studio. Flash, animation, multiplication (cartoons), animation promo-movies, flash-intro, games, flash-cards, presentations, cd-business cards, music clips, interactive models
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|28.01.2011| Nestle corporative cartoon animation creation

Flash ad production for Nestle corporative party has finished now.

  |29.11.2010| Croc corporative flash cartoon now completed

Check it. New Croc animation commercial production.

|09.04.2010| Animated characters production for fitness interactive flash presentation

We made animated characters for interactive fitness flash presentation. Children show up how to do fitness excersises.

  |22.12.2009| Our animation works were are shown on spanish television.

Our animation works on the air of Spain television.

|21.12.2009| 8 characters designed and cartoon website created.

We have finished 8 characters design and cartoon website creation.

  |01.10.2009| Wedding flash cartoon cartoon gift in Redbull style

We made flash cartoon for wedding as wedding gift. Cartoon looks like Redbull commercial cartoons, but more realistic characters here a little.

|01.08.2009| Motion graphics design showreel

New work - motion design and visual effects showreel. We make animation for TV broadcasting, tv programms design, etc..

  |15.07.2009| Best animation in mixed technique

Our animation film Megablast has been nominated in Germany for a Bitfilm Award as the best animation in mixed animation technique.

|20.03.2009| Our flash animation works in Rome

Our animation works were selected for official competition of International Short Animated Film Festival - that will be held March 25/26/27/28/29 th at Palladium Theatre in Rome (Italy)

  |20.12.2008| 2 new flash animation films creation

2 new animation works has uploaded to our portfolio section.

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