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|04.11.2011| 3d commercial animation production

We've done 3d ad film. 3 characters: Ejik, Freeze and Girl.

  |24.10.2011| New characters animation intro with old people

We added new animation work - it's an animation intro with grandpa's and grnandma's.

|05.10.2011| Funny old characters creation

We addded new funny old characters (subculture grandmas and grandpas) created in raster graphics.

  |04.10.2011| Few 2d cartoon animations created in 2d

We added show reel from few cartoon animations in 2d animation technique. And music created special for that animation project.

|01.10.2011| Woman 3d character design

One more 3d character design an modelling. Now it's a girl.

  |27.09.2011| Super hero character 3d model creation.

This character was designed for Ejik trade mark. Here you can see him as 3d model. Ejik is antifreeze super hero. Very soon you'll see him in created 3d commercial animation.

|25.09.2011| New animation film from photos.

This cartoon was created from photo cards animated in motion graphics technique (After Effects). Original song was created for this animation project.

  |21.07.2011| Cartoon animation creation for birthsday

One more cartoon animation for birthsday was created by us.

|07.06.2011| Birthsday flash cartoon animation creation

This flash cartoon animation was created as birthsday gift for Arthur Chilingarov (well-known person in Russia).

  |15.05.2011| animation creation in mixed style technique (animation + video + photos)

We added few characters for one new project. This is characters concept design. After that planned to create animation im mixed mode - add animation to video materials and photos.

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