Toondra design studio. Flash, animation, multiplication (cartoons), animation promo-movies, flash-intro, games, flash-cards, presentations, cd-business cards, music clips, interactive models
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|10.05.2013| We finished new animation intro creation

We finished animation intro creation

  |26.02.2013| New animation film about president Taekwondo of Russia

We finished new animation film for president Taekwondo of Russia.

|26.10.2012| new work - glasses animation commercial

Short 5 sec animation - glassses commercial added to portfolio

  |26.08.2012| Completed Advocat animation creation

We finnished animation film about one lawyer from Moscow. One more present to director from company.

|21.06.2012| Toondra studio in Photoshop mag

New article about Toondra animation studio in Photoshop mag magazine

  |06.12.2011| New our claymation (clay animation)

We added new plasticine animations

|04.11.2011| 3d commercial animation production

We've done 3d ad film. 3 characters: Ejik, Freeze and Girl.

  |24.10.2011| New characters animation intro with old people

We added new animation work - it's an animation intro with grandpa's and grnandma's.

|05.10.2011| Funny old characters creation

We addded new funny old characters (subculture grandmas and grandpas) created in raster graphics.

  |04.10.2011| Few 2d cartoon animations created in 2d

We added show reel from few cartoon animations in 2d animation technique. And music created special for that animation project.

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