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|26.05.2016| Creation of explaining gif animation for website

We've finnished creation of explaining gif animation for Luibelle company website

  |09.05.2016| Congratulations with the Victory Day

9 may (Victory Day) is a capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union at the end of Second World War, known in the Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War.

|13.01.2016| New explainer animation in flat design

We've finished new explainer animation for Pay Junction startup. Animation created in flat design.

  |17.10.2015| Anime trailer animation created

We finished anime cartoon animation trailer creation

|11.08.2015| Our new cartoon animation as birthday present

We finished new cartoon animation as birthday present for one very well-known in Russia person. All faces after thet were changed and some scences too. Animation with photo faces.

  |28.07.2015| Follow us on Dribbble

Do you have a Dribbble account? Do you want to get actual updates of our works? Or just like animated gifs? Welcome to our Dribbble and follow us to get new updates.

|05.05.2015| Video infographics

We finished video explainer for online Pet shop

  |22.09.2014| New animated explainer video added to portfolio

We finished new animated explainer video. This is explainer for mobile App of Mob Festival.

|30.07.2014| Construction company commercial

We finished new commercial for Moscow construction company.

  |12.01.2014| Cartoon animation gift

We finished new cartoon animation creation.

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