Toondra design studio. Flash, animation, multiplication (cartoons), animation promo-movies, flash-intro, games, flash-cards, presentations, cd-business cards, music clips, interactive models
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|06.12.2017| New app explainer done

We've finnished new app explainer creation for Swedish charity app. Everyone can pay 1 krona every day for different charity organisations.

  |21.10.2017| Gif animations creation

Some animated gifs, created by our studio

|27.07.2017| Fiverr explainer video creation

We've finnished Fiverr explainer video creation

  |10.03.2017| Greetings with International Women's Day!

Greetings with International Women's Day!

|11.01.2017| Yova startup explaining video creation

We finished Yova startup explaining video creation.

  |30.12.2016| Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and more peace and love in this 2017 year.

|26.12.2016| Corporate animation film

New corporate animation film for turkish development company. For corporate party they order this animation about how they started work and what's they have now.

  |25.11.2016| New Year animated flash card creation

We finished animated flash card for New Year. Simple animated flash card.

|07.09.2016| Infographic illustrations creation

we've finished infographic illustrations and character design creation for Portugual web-design company.

  |16.08.2016| Who from Dribbble?

Not all our works you can see on our website. Some pics and gifs we place on the Dribbble. Follow us on the Dribbble for all updates.

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