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Studio offer flash animation services (animated commercials, web flash cartoons series, animated music videos, flash games, motion graphics and animation design for TV, multimedia interactive applications, characters design, etc...)

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Animation rewards:
Our cartoon animation have been rewarded with prizes of Russian and international festivals of flash animation, such as:

Festival of Cinema, Television, Video and Multimedia AVANCA-2004 (Portugal), "Best music video of year" (RAMP2006), TGSNT-IV People's Choice Award, "The best from animation" award and "The rising star" award on FNI(A) Awards-2007 Festival in Australia, Festival of Computer Art and Advertising ‘Gaura Days’ (Russia), MACHINISTA 2004 International Festival (Scotland), Festival of Computer Arts ‘Chaos Constructions’ (Russia), "Multimatograf" Festival (Russia), "Russia as seen by ypoung people" (Russia), design-action EGGSposition (Russia), "Silver Web" Internet Festival.

The Studio's animation films got a high ratings of biggest Russian and Western flash cartoons animation web resources.

Most well known clients:

Vodafone, Nestle, RedLynx,, "The Hollywood Life" TV show, SKANSKA, High Button Shoes, USA Rise Federation, Corbina Telecom, Arkady Novikov, Leningrad music band, Lingvo Soft, I-FREE, MultFilmy music band, Magic Systems, Skafandr music band and so on.

Animation works were a part of many international animation festivals of many countries of the World.

TOONDRA animation studio always ready for new animation projects and animation cooperation. <



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